Merchandise exploitation

AT Productions has expertise in the development, production and worldwide exploitation of merchandise through retail, webshops and at live concerts. It distinguishes itself by a market conform selection of products corresponding the brand image of an artist. Besides this, it sets out a purchase- development- and promotional strategy by which maximal sales are projected in all segments of the market.

AT Productions delivers the entire production process of merchandise sales during (club) shows, festivals and tours for various artist. This contains activities as the production, logistics, administration, personnel and stock management. AT Productions closes deals with local partners for the sales and development of merchandise during tours outside of Europe.

AT Productions has a great network of partners who sell merchandise through customized webshops, connecting with the artwork of the artists. AT Productions closes deals with these parties and takes care of the promotion, sales and stock management.

AT Productions closes deals with third parties for the (worldwide) exploitation of merchandise through retail. Also here AT Productions can take care of the sales and the stock management.

Brand activation

By utilizing entertainment in the communication of your brand a target audience can be actively involved with your brand. AT Productions can connect your brand to a popular artist or event. This results in a positive association of the consumer towards your brand. Especially nowadays since the consumer has more control over its media consumption, active branding has become more and more important.

AT Productions offers various possibilities in order to connect a brand or company to artists, events or audiovisual productions.

Branding can be a once only activity as well as a long term relationship. Out packages aren’t standard: combinations of different ideas are always possible . For any activity we will search for solutions, creating the best result possible.

AT Productions has the perfect expertise in finding the right connection to an artist or event for a campaign or branding target. Various successful corporations that were set up for artists, are Kane with Nokia, DI-RECT with Hi and Billy the Klit with Go Go Tours. AT Productions also had great event sponsor shipments like Kane at the Kuip stadium, sponsored by LG or Beatstad Festival that is sponsored by various companies each year (e.g. Casema/Ziggo, Siemens, Hi, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Dommelsch, Rabobank)

If you’d be interested in branding an artist of event or if you’d like to discuss an idea with AT productions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to